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Aufbau Principle

Describes electron configuration within an atom.

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Super Mario Time!!!

Why is level 50 so hard?

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the game Super Mario at a really high level [Figure1]

The Aufbau Principle states that the electrons build up from one atom to the next. Electrons have to be filled with increasing order. Until an electron shell is filled, electrons can’t be positioned at a higher shell. In a new period, electrons start with one valence electron and move up from there.

Think of the video game Super Mario. You move from one level to the next and each level gets harder and harder with more obstacles that you have to face. As you progress from each level to the next, the obstacles that you have faced keep coming back. In a new world, you start off with a new set of obstacles along with the older ones. 

Creative Applications

1. What does each level in the video game represent?

2. What do the number of obstacles in each level show?

3. As each level in the video game gets harder, what does it illustrate?

4. How does the different worlds in Super Mario illustrate the Aufbau Principle?

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