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Average Kinetic Energy

Energy of motion and how it relates to temperature

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Long Words for Temperature!

How can average kinetic energy be applied to everyday life?

The kinetic molecular theory demonstrates how an increase in temperature causes an increase in the motion of molecules. This makes the temperature directly proportional to the kinetic energy, so they are related, but not the sameSince temperature is similar to average kinetic energy, it is average motion caused by the intensity of heat. For example, in a gas, the fast-moving molecules bump into each other and the walls of the container incredibly rapidly. Since they are in motion and are moving at different speeds, they all have kinetic energy. The average of these speeds or quantities is the average kinetic energy. For one mole of molecules, the average kinetic energy is \begin{align*}\frac{1}{2}\end{align*}M(vmrs)\begin{align*}\frac{3}{2}\end{align*}(R)(T).

Credit: Moyan Brenn
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aigle_dore/5951666839/in/photolist-a4VRcv-cjhHEo-8h4r7n-acqxuL-7Xb6bb-a5vmNn-cJb1fJ-9S1RDG-eT8EQ7-eDsS3B-8P8MAo-8cqvBK-8qVYKh-a2MjzX-adxyDH-8vtY5g-9hRV16-8dL4B4-9W8p38-eKYgcS-8cU4PL-875AA8-8qxfap-88qrfb-8dDjDm-cBzcZA-8suLbL-8nAVV9-86NQzF-8cBt43/lightbox/
License: CC BY-NC 3.0

A typical hot summer day [Figure1]

It’s a scorching, beautiful summer day, one for shorts, smoothies, and pool parties. At school, lunchtime brings upon blissful hot weather that makes people either cheerful or irritated. When it’s time to go back indoors to class, a sense of relief from the AC consumes the students. The first few minutes of class are great with the chilling cool, but after a while, the freezing atmosphere causes the students the shiver. In order to make sure the students stay awake, the teacher will not lower the AC. This frequent change in the atmosphere and the change of the students’ opinions about the atmosphere annoys the students. They are dealing with average kinetic energy.

Creative Applications

  1. You know about kinetic energy, potential energy, and now average kinetic energy. Is there an average potential energy? If so, what exactly is it? Explain.
  2. What does the kinetic molecular theory of gases state? If applicable, in what way is the theory relevant to average kinetic energy? (use the first resource link if necessary)
  3. What are the main differences between average kinetic energy, temperature, and heat? (use the second resource link if necessary)
  4. Watch the second video resource; what can you learn about average kinetic energy or kinetic energy in general?


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