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Brønsted-Lowry Acid-Base Reactions

Defines conjugate acids and bases.

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Brønsted-Lowry Acid-Base Reactions

Bronsted Lowry Acid Base Reactions

Have you heard the term “sharing is caring?” A common saying in preschool, this saying is used to instill the benefits of sharing and camaraderie in the little kids. The concept is that by sharing, one can change another in a beneficial way.

The above song illustrates the concept of sharing very simmilarly to how the Brønsted Lowry acid base reactions occur.

Brønsted Lowry acid base reactions are reactions in which the H+ ion is transfered. For example in a reaction starting with H3O and O2 would end up H2O and HO2 . By being giving up the H+ ion it is proven that H3O is a Brønsted Lowry acid. and the opposite is proved for HO2 .  The one accepting the H+ is the base in this reaction.

Creative Applications:

  1. Are these reactions (as stated above) reversible or not?
  2. If it is reversible, which ion is the acid on the reverse side?

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