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Conversions between Moles and Gas Volume

Unit conversion techniques

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Practice Conversions between Moles and Gas Volume
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Fun With Units!

What is the best way to convert between four different essential units?

License: CC BY-NC 3.0

Welcome to Learn-to-Convert Land! [Figure1]

Learn-to-Convert Land is an amusement park that consists of a central plaza called Mole Main and three themed sections around it in a triangle formation: Atom Arena, Mass Mania, and Volume Variety. To move from one section to another, one must always pass through Mole Main. The quickest transportation is a train system split into three parts to run from the plaza to each of the sections. The trains ride on elevated track from the central plaza to their section, but on ground-level track from a section back to the plaza.

Creative Applications

1. The three trains are called Molar Mass, Avogadro 6.022  1023, and Liter 22.4 The trains represent conversion factors. Match the conversion factors to their proper quantities: number of atoms, mass, and volume.

2. The Molar Mass train is often repaired and so it always has a different number unlike the other trains. Molar mass does not have a constant conversion factor in conversions. Why is that?

3. The elevated train represents which operation? The ground-level train? (Hint: What would you do to convert a quantity from moles to atoms and back to moles again?)

4. A man takes his family to Learn-to-Convert Land for the day. He plans for them to start at Mole Main, visit Mass Mania, then Volume Variety, then Atom Arena, then Mass Mania again for an event. If the 5 member family can be represented as 5 moles and the train for Mass Mania is named Molar Mass 16.00 for the day, what will be the final quantity? (Tip: Remember to include proper units!)


Image Attributions

  1. [1]^ License: CC BY-NC 3.0

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