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Democritus' Idea of the Atom

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Dusty Atoms
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Dusty Atoms

Look at the dust floating in the wind. You can’t see the particles unless the light bounces off of them. Now try to grab onto and break a piece of dust. It is nearly impossible to do so.  They are so far away from each other that there is void between them.They cannot be separated into sub particles.

Look at the dust in the above video. Democritus' best idea to the atomic model is similar to the particles in the above video.. HIs guess was close in the fact that he was correct that atoms are small particles that make up everything.  He was also correct in his assumption that they make up matter with different configurations. And that they move in random motion. Similarly dust moves in random configurations.

Creative Applications:

1.What differences do you see between Democritus’ theory and Dalton’s theory?

2. Democritus’ theory had some errors explain one of them?

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