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Early History of the Periodic Table

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Early History of the Periodic Table
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Do you remember anything from your time in a history class? The time you may or may not have spent dozing off while somebody lectured you about the development of ancient civilizations. Do you realize however, the benefits that stem from learning the development of ancient cultures. With an understanding of what preceded the current civilization, the current day and age is illuminated in a certain light that is more easily observable.

Similarly in the case of Chemistry, with a more clear and defined understanding of the development of the periodic table, it becomes easier to understand the periodic law, and other factors affecting the placement of the elements in the modern periodic table of the elements.

These videos explain how new discoveries changed old beliefs and changed different organizations until a structure that was agreed upon is used today.


  1. What was the first element discovered?
  2. What was the first diagram for the periodic table of elements?

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