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Electron Affinity

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Advanced Students matched to this level are ready for material that requires superior performance and mastery.
  • Read
    Protons Electrons Neutrons

    Protons Electrons Neutrons

    by Caren Shapiro //at grade

    Covers the definition of electron affinity and trends in electron affinity.

  • Real World Application
    The Affinity for Sugar

    The Affinity for Sugar

    by Apoorva Handigol //at grade

    When a neutral atom acquires a electron, the change in energy is known as the electron affinity.

  • Study Guide
    Periodic Trends

    Periodic Trends

    by Pranav Salunke //at grade

    A study guide to help review the periodic trends (Atomic Radius, Ionization energy, Ionic Radii, Electronegativity, Electron Shielding, and Electron Affinity). This also includes Metallic and Nonmetallic Character.

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