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Electron Affinity

Energy is released when an anion is created.

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The Affinity for Sugar

Why is electron affinity significant?

Electron affinity is the energy that is involved in or released when an atom is accepted by a gaseous ion or atom. It is a trend in the periodic table: electron affinity increases across a period and decreases down a group.

Many people live for the caffeine rush or sugar rush that is experienced when caffeine or candy is consumed. This creates an immense amount of energy in the form of alertness, hyperness, and much more depending on the quantity of the “drug” or the size of the person. Affinity is the natural liking for something. In chemistry terms, electron affinity is used.

Credit: Donnie Ray Jones
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donnieray/6632552129/in/photolist-b76yF4-7S2FaF-c7ufUh-egxMAj-e9EEhQ-dMe84B-bt2MZv-8h644k-9jXZ19-cTzQxU-dCAp52-8kynLv-8u1yNU-986uWX-axfqTY-8Bvt34-c2SnZd-884uQ8-bdkdEV-8ZsXs5-dedMUy-e525UE-dLa9Zz-bdkhCi-8mTNDa-8C9ufR-8kPnrs-axVGnT-9tzGm9-81FxpK-97ttNp-9fbqAS-8io2Qj-9RRjWP-9RRjTx-9RRjS2-9RUeyW-7YXLWS-9JFXZ9-9JDakn-dpzohR-dpBS8N-dpzmT6-dpzoxz-dpzxmd-dpznsX-dpzwmd-dpznj2-dpzwUj-dpzxFb-dpzx8q/lightbox/
License: CC BY-NC 3.0

Perfect cups of coffee. . . or candy? [Figure1]

So how can electron affinity be applied in everyday life? Simple batteries can explain and demonstrate electron affinity if the activity series is used. When the series is utilized along with the position of metals on the periodic table, the disappearance of a certain metal and appearance of different metal can be proved.

Creative Applications

  1. Describe the relationships between atomic size, ionization energy, and electron affinity. (use the first resource video if necessary)
  2. If affinity is an attraction, what is the context of “affinity” in electron affinity?
  3. What is the electron affinity of noble gases? (use the second resource video if necessary)


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