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Energy Level

Introduction to electron shells; fixed distances from the nucleus of an atom where electrons may be found.

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Electron Upgrades

What are energy levels and can they be escaped?

Credit: James Jardin
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jamesjardine/7979113196/sizes/m/in/photolist-da63nb-dGRyyr-dWaSXw-aji6e6-bnhabj-dULQKK-a8DVBn-8wKEk1-eixQyG-as3kH3-awcvGC-c6rKz3-ahabmq-8DThTZ-83WsoQ-bFLVCk-9jPtqr-aSca8k-91xuQN-ahEkDk-8LaPJF-donQLu-85KfbC-bnns9C-ahab2Y-aahUWd-c6ZZiW-aw71Bk-9SEMcM-anf92W-7BSjRW-drp8GM-aoa1DN-edq86v-7KueKd-9s1yPh-9ibRbe-9sLWLu-8ujKsz-7HCPMT-9YJE5E-cMWKvu-cbStAC-aWHRC8-8zyS74-9hvziC-aAGmAj-8XNZWN-8EUkFA/
License: CC BY-NC 3.0


Energy levels determine an electron’s place in the atom, and the electron can stay in that energy level if it isn’t exposed to outside influences.  In order for the electron to change energy levels, it must first be energized or use up energy to reach a higher or lower energy level respectively.  Photosynthesis demonstrates what happens if an electron is energized.  When UV rays from the sun hit the electrons, the electrons are energized and used to power photosynthesis. 

Creative Applications

  1. Why do the electrons need to be energized in order to move up an energy level?
  2. Is it possible for electrons to move down an energy level?
  3. Is it possible for two electrons to have the same energy level in an atom?



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