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Enzymes as Catalysts

Substance that increase the rate of a chemical reaction

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The Precious Enzyme

Why do we eat three times a day?

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The molecular structure of an enzyme. [Figure1]

Have you wondered about the driving force behind the various processes of our bodies? For example, what makes it possible for food to go all the way to our small intestine in just 6-8 hours? 

Enzymes are the essential units that act as catalysts in our bodies, which help speed up the reactions. They can only function in an ideal environment with medium temperature and pH, because otherwise, they would change form and be unable to work.

Creative Applications

1. Given that enzymes can only function in an ideal temperature and pH, what do you think that enzymes are made of? What do they do to our digestion?

2. How would life be different for us if don’t have enzymes?

3. Why is it important that your parents push you to consume protein-rich foods?

4. Why should we maintain a certain temperature and pH for our bodies?

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