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Gas Density

Calculations of conversions between molar mass and the mass per unit volume of gases

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Gas Volume Conversions and Density

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Avogadro's Hypothesis and Molar Volume

Volumes of liquids and solids vary quite a bit depending on the substance's density because the particles are more packed. Why are gases different?

Amedeo Avogadro once again came up with an explanation that's really important when converting units: Avogadro's hypothesis states that equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure contain equal number of particles! Why do the temperatures and pressures have to be the same?

Remember: the standard temperature and pressure (STP) is defined as 0°C (273.15 K) and 1 atm pressure!

The molar volume of a gas is the volume of one mole of a gas at STP. How many liters does one mole of gas occupy?

To find more information on Avogadro's hypothesis and molar volume and to check your answers, click here.

Conversions between Moles and Gas Volume

Molar volume at STP can be used to convert from moles to gas volume and vice versa.

Remember: 1 mole of gas = 22.4 L of gas

If 75.5 L of hydrogen gas at STP is produced during a reaction, how many moles of hydrogen were produced? (To check your answer, highlight the following: 3.09 moles)

What volume does 4.96 moles of O2 occupy at STP?

To find more information on conversions between moles and gas volume and to check your answers, click here.

Gas Density

Since gases all occupy the same volume per mole, the density of a specific gas depends on its molar mass. How does the density (usually in g/L) of a gas with a small molar mass compare to that with a large molar mass?

What's the density of nitrogen gas at STP? The molar mass of N2 is 28.02 g/mol.

What's the molar mass of a gas with a density of 1.43g/L at STP? What gas could this be? (Highlight the following to check your answers: 32.0 g/mol; O2)

You can find more info on gas density and check your answers here.

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