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Ideal Gas Law

Introduces law based on the Combined Gas Law and Avogadro's Law

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All About Gas Laws

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Factors of Gas Pressure

Gas pressure is dependent on the following factors:

  • Amount of gas
  • Volume 
  • Temperature

Recall that gas pressure is the force exerted on the sides of the container in which a gas is enclosed in. Given this and the factors above, explain how each of the factors alters gas pressure by the Kinetic-Molecular Theory.

Gas Laws

From the above relationships comes a series of laws which describe the behaviors of gasses. For each gas law in the table below, use the embedded links to complete the table.

Gas Law Factors involved Equation/Relation
Boyle's Law

Charles's Law

Gay-Lussac's Law
Avogadro's Law

The Combined Gas Law

The combined gas law is a relationship which combines three relations from the above gas laws into one law.

Identify what the combined gas law is, and describe how you can apply it to solve problems.

Which gas law is not present in the combined gas law?

The Ideal Gas Law

The ideal gas law takes the combined gas law one step further, utilizing all of the gas laws in the table above.

The ideal gas law is represented by the following equation: PV=nRT where P is pressure, V is volume, n is moles, R is the ideal gas constant, and T is temperature.

Of all the above variables, you are probably most unfamiliar with R, the ideal gas constant. That's because the ideal gas constant hasn't applied to any of the other gas laws thus far.

The value of the ideal gas constant varies depending on the units used. One common value is 0.08206 L-atm/mol-K.

Identify 2 other common gas constant values.

What factors could affect the accuracy of the variables calculated by the ideal gas law?

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