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How to calculate the number of moles of solute dissolved in one liter of solution

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Have you ever seen a cartoon where sulfuric acid burns through different objects? Though a common theme in animation, this is only true of the strongest concentrations of HSO4.

The power of sulfuric acid is judged by the concentration of the moles of Sulfuric acid, as compared to the volume. To find molarity you must....

M=(moles of substance/volume of substance)

The easiest way to remember this is by thinking about lemonade powder. If you have too much powder and too little water, the lemonade will taste too sour. If there is too little powder and too much water, there is no flavor. Therefore the substance with its molarity shifted has different properties than before.


  1. how many moles of HSO4  are in a 1 liter 3 molar solution.

    2. how many liters of HSO4  are in a 4.5 molar solution with 9 moles HSO4.

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