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Percent Solutions

Calculations for percent mass and percent volume solution concentrations

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Percent Solution

Have you ever made a smoothie? If so, you know that you can’t just put random amounts of each fruit and other ingredients. You need a certain amount of fruit to ice, other wise your smoothie will be either too thick, or too thin.

Similarly when finding the percent solution of a certain solution you must compare the amount of solute to solvent. This is achieved by comparing the mass of solute to mass of solvent. This may also be achieved through comparing volume of solute to volume of solvent.

The equation is as follows:

(mass solute/mass solvent) x 100 = percent solute

(volume solute/ volume solvent) x 100= percent solute

Creative Application:

  1. What is the percent solute in 3 molar HSO4 in a 2 liter solution?
  2. How would you find the percent ingredients in a chocolate milk shake?

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