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Air Quality

Presents information on the compounds that pollute the air, their sources, and the regions in which air quality is chronically bad.

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Unexpected Villians
Teacher Contributed

Unexpected Villians


Unusual sources of air pollution

Student Exploration

Who are the real villains?

Would you ever imagine craft time in kindergarten as an evil act against air quality? What about cheering on your favorite sports team? According to scientists, these are just a few unusual and unexpected contributions to poor air quality:

Who would have thought? Sometimes the causes of air pollution are less obvious than we might think!

Extension Investigation

  1. Check out your current local air quality! Visit AIRNow’s website ( [http://airnow.gov/) http://airnow.gov/])] and enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner.
    1. Look at the Air Quality Index on the right hand side. What is today’s high supposed to be?
    2. What are the current conditions? How do they relate to the forecasted high?
    3. How does your zip code’s air quality relate to surrounding areas? How does it relate to the rest of the state? How does it relate to the rest of the United States?
    4. Why do you think that there are differences between your local air quality and the rest of the state/country? What factors might be different?
  2. Check out your local government’s push to clean up the air and find out how you can become more involved. For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are “Spare the Air” days when people are encouraged to use public transportation or ride their bikes: Spare The Air In Washington, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency encourages people to turn off their vehicles when dropping students off for school: No Idle Zone Program
  3. Get your school to participate in the Cool School Challenge sponsored by the National Wildlife Federation. Click here for more information.

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