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Earth's Magnetic Field

The magnetic field is like a bar magnet inside Earth; the magnetic field can flip.

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Magnetic Earth

Have you ever been lost? In a situation such as that, a compass would have been incredibly useful. However, when you do use a compass, how does it know where exactly due north is from any position. The answer to this is magnetism. By using the magnet in the compass, you can see it being attracted to the magnetic force of the planet.

The planet Earth is a magnet.

This is caused by the movement of fluids inside the mantle of the earth. However the field of magnetism is constantly in a state of shift. If this video's data is taken to heart, what effects could a shift of magnetism have on our lives? Magnetism s a fundamental part of life and it is inextricably part of the world.

Creative Application:

1. What changes could you predict with a shift of magnetism?

2. Magnetic forces affect you on a regular basis, explain how you believe life would be altered in an environment without magnetism?

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