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History of Astronomy

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History of Astronomy
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Histroy of Astronomy

The ancient greeks where the first to be linked to astronomy. What famous mathematician believed everything could be linked to mathematics? What is his relationship to the discovery of Venus?

Aristotle was one of the smartest men of his time. He understood the phases of the moon, and how eclipses worked. Did he believe our solar system was heliocentric or geocentric? Why?

Aristotle also created "The Principle of Uniform Circular Motion". What did this principle explain? Why was it important later on?

Ptolemy outlined five ideas in his writings in The Almagest. List these five ideas below.

The idea of a heliocentric solar system in 1543 was revolutionary. Who is credited with this idea?

The idea of cicular orbits was also eventually overthrown as well. What idea replaced it, and who proposed it? List the three laws of this idea.


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