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Impacts of Hazardous Waste

Discusses the impacts of hazardous waste on the environment and human health, and the provisions of the Superfund Act.

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Man-Made Earthquakes
Teacher Contributed

Man-Made Earthquakes

Why It Matters

Can humans trigger an earthquake?

Geologists have been gathering data around the possibility of manmade earthquakes!Check it out: Man-Made Quakes

Here is a quick video segment showing the current geologic explanation:

What do you think? Any other ideas of what could have caused the earthquakes? Is this still a good way to dispose of waste?

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  1. Not only are scientists worried about the tectonic jostling, there are also concerns that the waste will leak out into the groundwater: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=are-fracking-wastewater-wells-poisoning-ground-beneath-our-feeth
  2. There are always two sides to the story though! Here is the Environmental Protection Agency’s website designed for young students showing them that carbon sequestration and underground storage will help global climate change: http://epa.gov/climatechange/kids/solutions/technologies/ccs.html
  3. What do you think? Are waste water wells good or bad? If they are good, how do you explain the potential earthquakes and groundwater pollution? If they are bad, where would you prefer this waste to go? What are the alternatives? Gather research from both sides of the argument and host a debate (in class or online).

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Environmental Protection Agency. http://epa.gov/climatechange/kids/solutions/technologies/ccs.html

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