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Natural Resource Conservation

Resources should be conserved; conservation is important.

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Natural Resource Conservation

Can you make a difference?

Yes! You can conserve natural resources every day with every decision you make. Should you recycle that can? Yes! Should you buy a bottle of water or drink from the water fountain? Fountain! Should you walk or ride your bike to school or ask for a ride? Walk - it's good exercise too!

Conserving Natural Resources

So that people in developed nations maintain a good lifestyle and people in developing nations have the ability to improve their lifestyles, natural resources must be conserved and protected (Figure below). People are researching ways to find renewable alternatives to non-renewable resources. Here is a checklist of ways to conserve resources:

Recycling bins

Recycling can help conserve natural resources.

  • Buy less stuff (use items as long as you can, and ask yourself if you really need something new).
  • Reduce excess packaging (drink tap water instead of water from plastic bottles).
  • Recycle materials such as metal cans, old cell phones, and plastic bottles.
  • Purchase products made from recycled materials.
  • Reduce pollution so that resources are maintained.
  • Prevent soil erosion.
  • Plant new trees to replace those that are cut down.
  • Drive cars less, take public transportation, bicycle, or walk.
  • Conserve energy at home (turn out lights when they are not needed).


  • To conserve natural resources it is important to use less resources or even eliminate the use of some resources.
  • It is important to watch unintended consumption; e.g. with packaging.
  • To reduce resource use, work on making some renewable: plant trees or use recycled products.


  1. Why should you use renewable resources rather than non-renewable resources when possible?
  2. Why should you recycle materials when possible?
  3. Why should you drink tap water or install a filter on your tap for filtered water?

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