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Outer Layers of the Sun

Heat moves through the outer layers of the Sun.

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Outer Layers of the Sun

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The three outer layers of the Sun are its atmosphere; from the inside out. What are the three layers?

The photosphere is the Sun's visible surface. Tip: to help you remember the name, the root "photo" means light, and the photosphere is the part of the sun that we see shining!

The chromosphere is a thin layer above the photosphere that is heated by the energy of the photosphere. Jets of gas may also fly up through the chromosphere. Tip: the root "chromo" means color, and the chromosphere glows red.

The corona is the outermost part of the Sun's atmosphere that flares out millions of kilometers into space. Tip: the word "corona" means "crown" in Spanish, and the corona is the Sun's halo or crown.

Which of the outer layers is hottest?

Which of the layers can you see during a total solar eclipse?

To check your answers and to find more information on the Sun's outer layers, click here.

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