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Sedimentary Rock Classification

Sedimentary rocks are classified by how they formed and by grain size.

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Tufa Towers
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Tufa Towers

Why It Matters

How were these rocks formed? Which part of the rock cycle would explain this scenario?

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  1. The image above is of the tufa towers in Mono Lake, California which is an area rich in geologic processes. What process do you think is responsible for the towers? Collect needed data here: http://www.monolake.org/about/stats
  2. Using the rock cycle as the focus, create a prezi that has links for each of the processes in the rock cycle. For each process (i.e. melting), describe why the tufa towers are or are not an example. As an extension, research additional unusual rock formations around the world that are examples of the other processes in the rock cycle and include these in your prezi.

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