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Angle Measurement

Measurement of angles with protractors and addition of angles.

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Angle Measurement
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RWA Angle Measurement


Angles and Trajectory


  • protractor
  • angle

Student Exploration

Do snipers need to know Geometry?

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Extension Investigation

  1. Going the Distance: Launch Angles & Projectile Trajectories - http://www.sciencebuddies.org/science-fair-projects/project_ideas/Phys_p061.shtml

Layering (optional)

Students: Play the games and do the activities listed below. You’ll be an expert in no time!

  1. Teachers can have students do the below activities, checking them off in class as they complete each one. Students may do all of the activities of chose 3 to do.
  2. The activities can be done as a whole class with a smart board or projector.
  3. Students can compete in groups taking turns. The group with the most correct answers wins!


“In this game students change the angle of a sprinkler to squirt various objects around the screen. Objects are located at 45 degree intervals around the radius of the sprinkler. There are guiding questions asked at the top of each screen to help students determine the angle that needs to be set. Fun animation and sound effects.”

What's My Angle

“A series of TEN activities involving measuring and estimating angles up to 180 degrees. An interactive on screen protractor is provided for many of the activities.”

Angle Shapes

“Twenty activities that involve measuring angles inside various geometric shapes. Guiding questions to start a discussion about the relationship of shapes and angles.”

Banana Hunt

“In this game students are awarded "bananas" based on the accuracy of their estimates of various angles. The closer they are the more bananas they earn. Fun animation and sound effects.”

Carnival Game

Students estimate the angle of rotation needed to fire a cannon at a target. They have 10 balls to hit as many targets as possible. On a SMARTboard you will use the onscreen keyboard to enter the numbers in degrees.

Angle Measure

“ANOTHER great resource from TeacherLED, a site created by Spencer Riley, a teacher in Birmingham, United Kingdom. You can create angles of various sizes, and then demonstrate how to measure them using either a 180 degree or 360 degree protractor. What I think you will find especially helpful is that the protractors are automatically centered on the vertex of the angle.” Great for interactive whiteboards

Alien Angles

“A great game for estimating angles. To rescue 10 aliens, you must set the rescue launcher to the given angle. You must be accurate to within 5 degrees to be successful.”

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