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Area and Perimeter of Similar Polygons

Ratio of the areas is the square of the scale factor while the ratio of perimeters is the scale factor.

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In the Doll's House

What started out as a status symbol but became a classic toy? Dollhouses! Originally, only wealthy nobles could afford these scale models of homes. Today, every toy aisle has a selection of dollhouses, ranging from tiny to huge.

Perfect Scale

While some dollhouses are toys for toddlers, others are valuable collectibles made by artists who create perfect scale models of real houses, rooms, and furniture. In a high-quality dollhouse, every room, table, doorway and accessory is similar to the real-life item. Dollhouses are usually constructed with scale ratios of  or  to the real thing. This means they cover between  or  of the floor space of the homes they replicate.

To ensure their copies are perfect, miniature artists use tiny versions of real life tools such as lathes, table saws, and drills to build their models. They carefully study each real-life item and then draw up plans for the smaller versions. The final products are almost identical to the full-sized originals. In a close-up photo, it’s tough to tell whether you’re looking at the original room or at a perfectly similar miniature version. Some of the world’s finest miniatures end up in art museums, where crowds of people spend hours marveling at their details.

See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HBaJIafTCg

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