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Area of Sectors and Segments

Area of parts of a circle.

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Area Of Sectors And Segments
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RWA Area of Sector and Segment


Who got the bigger slice of pizza?


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Student Exploration

Have split a pizza, a pie or a cake with someone and wondered if someone was getting a bigger piece? The portion pad helps to keep the peace!Helps place like Domino's that churn out a million pies a second cut pizzas evenly at a high rate. It also helps you cut pizzas if you are a small pizza place that only does one pizza per hour.

A pretty cool invention, probably not necessary if you can calculate the area of a sector, but cool none the less!

To learn more go to http://www.portionpadl.com/

The Portion Pad

Extension Investigation

  1. Before showing students the formula for sector segment, have a class discussion about different ways to figure out who has the biggest slice.
  2. Buy a pizza, pie or cake and have students calculate the area of each piece to see who has the biggest piece. If how much would each person pay for their slice if the bill was split evenly. How much would each student pay if they were paying according the area of their individual slice?
  3. Calculate the fraction of a clock that is made by the big hand and the little hand at certain times of day.
  4. Have students make up their own word problem involving the area of a sector or a segment.

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