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Congruence Statements

Learn how to write congruence statements and use congruence statements to determine the corresponding parts of triangles.

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Congruent Statements
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RWA Congruent Statements


Positive Affirmations


  • Congruent statements

Student Exploration

Can congruent statements help you live a better life?

See an example below

“Have you ever come across someone who knew exactly what they want out of life?

Anything they say, they mean, and will quickly act on. They seem confident, eager, excited and downright passionate. You can just feel the energy. What impression did that put upon you?

Chances are you were experiencing the power of congruency.

The general definition of congruence is: identical in form; in agreement or harmony.

Now apply this to a life approach. Someone who lives with congruency acts in direct accordance with their dreams, desires, beliefs, values, mission and goals. They do not let the thoughts of others affect their approach to the world. They take their own unique path paved by their understanding of themselves.”

Read more here: http://liveyourlegend.net/the-beginners-guide-to-being-congruent/

Extension Investigation

Students can create a list of positive congruent statements and journal about how this positively impacts their lives.

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