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Corresponding Angles

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Corresponding Angles
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RWA Corresponding angles


  • corresponding angles

Student Exploration

Do bee’s dance? Do bee’s know about corresponding angles?

1-If the food source lies exactly in the direction of the Sun, or in the exact opposite direction, the waggling runs in the dance will be vertical on the comb.

2-If the food source is 80 degrees to the left of the Sun, this is indicated by doing the waggling run part of the dance at a corresponding angle of 80 degrees to the left of the vertical.

3-If the bee follows an upward direction in its waggling run, it signals that the food source lies in the direction toward the Sun. And if it heads straight downwards, this means that the source lies in the exact opposite direction from the Sun.

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Extension Investigation

Students will be given different angle measures. (ex 60, 45, 90 etc.). Using a protractor and straightedge, students will draw their own diagrams describing the “dance of the honey bee”.

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