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Deductive Reasoning

Drawing conclusions from facts.

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Deductive Reasoning
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RWA Deductive Reasoning


Deductive Reasoning in youth court

Student Exploration

Have you ever argued with someone and couldn’t get your point across? What would it take to win your case is a court of law?

McCullum Youth Court is a youth centered peer court for first time juvenile offenders. The youth offender acknowledges responsibility for the offense and is willing to accept consequences determined by their peers.

Offenders are represented by youth attorneys who have been trained in prosecution (to represent the victim(s) and community) and defense (to represent the offender). Cases are tried and sentences issued by a jury of peers.

For more information, go to http://www.youthcourt.org/

McCullum Youth Court in Oakland, CA

Extension Investigation

For all of the activities below, students must identify examples of uses of the Law of Syllogism, the Law of Contrapostive and the Law of Detachment.

  1. Teachers can create a mock court in their classroom. Students must use deductive reasoning to win their cases. This could be used for classroom “offenders”
  2. Students write a formal argument using deductive reasoning to convince their parents OR an adult to do something.
  3. The class takes a field trip to observe a court case. Students write down examples of deductive reasoning.
  4. Students read a court transcript and find examples of deductive reasoning.

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Connections to other CK-12 Subject Areas

  • This could be linked to scientific reasoning.

Extra stuff

Youth Court Sample Verdict Form


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