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Exterior Angles Theorems

Exterior angles equal the sum of the remote interiors.

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Exterior Angles Theorem
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RWA Exterior Angles Theorem


Taking a walk with the Satellite view in Google maps


  • Exterior Angles

Student Exploration

“So...does our formula apply only to convex polygons? Or can we fix things up so that it applies to concave polygons also?”

To investigate that, let's take a walk

Read more at http://www.sophia.org/exterior-angles-of-a-concave-polygon-tutorial

Extension Investigation

Using Google maps (satellite view) and The Geometers sketchpad, students can reproduce the activity using their own school.
Google maps https://maps.google.com/
The Geometers sketchpad http://www.dynamicgeometry.com/

Layering (optional)

Exterior Angles made simple

Sum of the Exterior Angles Demo using geometers sketchpad

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