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Interior Angles in Convex Polygons

Angles inside a closed figure with straight sides.

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Interior Angles In Convex Polygons
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RWA Interior Angles of Convex Regular Polygons


Cookie Math


  • Interior Angles of Convex Regular Polygons

Student Exploration

Can baking Cookies help you understand the interior angles sum theorem?

Read here to learn more http://almostunschoolers.blogspot.com/2012/05/sum-of-interior-angles-of-convex.html

Extension Investigation

The Sum of The Interior Angles of Convex Regular Polygons - Cookie Math
How do polygons relate to real life http://gonewithpolygons.wikispaces.com/How+does+this+relate+to+my+life%3F%3F

Layering (optional)

Angles in polygons-interior angles

Interior Angles http://www.teachmaths-inthinking.co.uk/activities/interior-angles.htm

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