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SAS Similarity

Triangles are similar if two pairs of sides are proportional and the included angles are congruent.

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SAS Similarity

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AA Similarity Postulate

If two angles in one triangle are congruent to two angles in another triangle, then the two triangles are similar.


Congruent figures are identical in size, shape and measure.


To reduce or enlarge a figure according to a scale factor is a dilation.


SAS means side, angle, side, and refers to the fact that two sides and the included angle of a triangle are known.

SAS Similarity Theorem

The SAS Similarity Theorem states that if two sides in one triangle are proportional to two sides in another triangle and the included angle in both are congruent, then the two triangles are similar.

Similarity Transformation

A similarity transformation is one or more rigid transformations followed by a dilation.

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