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Same Side Interior Angles

Angles on the same side of a transversal and inside the lines it intersects.

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Alternate Exterior Angles
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RWA Alternate Exterior Angles


City Planning


  • alternate exterior angles
  • same side interior angles
  • perpendicular lines

Student Exploration

What if you were asked to design your own city?

How would you use alternate exterior and same side interior angles, and perpendicular lines do design your city.

“Your goal is to work together with the members of your Design Firm to accurately create a city design plan in the form of a map. Your Firm will consist of 3 members. As a group you need to create Job Titles for yourselves an create a name for your Firm and a logo”

Read more about you task here http://zunal.com/process.php?w=141553

Extension Investigation

See http://zunal.com/process.php?w=141553 for further extensions.

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