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Vertical Angles

Two congruent, non-adjacent angles formed by intersecting lines.

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Vertical Angles
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  • Vertical Angles
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Student Exploration

What is the maximum vertical angle of a roller coaster?

“The Mumbo Jumbo - The roller coaster's maximum vertical angle is 112 degrees,[ 1 ] making it the world's steepest roller coaster from 4 July 2009 until 16 July 2011. The official park press release stated that the Mumbo Jumbo opening will be attended by representatives of Guinness World Records. Andrea Banfi of Guinness World Records said: “We will be in attendance at the opening of Flamingo Land's new roller coaster and look forward to this new Guinness World Records record in the ‘Steepest roller coaster made from steel’ category”.[ 2 ] Learn More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mumbo_Jumbo_%28roller_coaster%29

Extension Investigation

Students can go on the internet and report on the maximum vertical angle of various roller coasters.

Layering (optional)

Web Quest -Teacher will discuss how vertical angles are used in real life.


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