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Cell Division

Introduces the role and process of cell division.

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Shaking The Tree
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Shaking The Tree

Migrating Cancer Cells

How Did This Start?

Have you ever faced a huge complicated problem and not been certain where it came from or how the situation got that bad? Cancer researchers confront these sorts of problems all the time. Why do some people get cancer and others don't? Why are some cancers more aggressive than others? How can you stop the spread of cancer? None of these questions have easy answers, but researchers in Israel have developed a technique which makes answers a little easier to find.

Extension Investigation

Use the resources below to answer the following questions:

  1. How does cancer start? What happens as cancer spreads?
  2. What information do researchers hope to gain by tracing the lineage of cancer?
  3. How may these techniques aid in the treatment of cancer?
  4. How many mutations does it take to cause cancer? What kinds of mutations can cause cancer?


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