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Gene Therapy

Describes techniques being designed to cure genetic disorders in people.

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Green Genes
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Green Genes

New World monkey Saimiri sciureus, the common squirrel monkey

Monkey See, Monkey Do...But What Do Monkeys See?

What do monkeys see? Well, that's hard to say, but we know what they don't see. Full color! At least many monkeys don't and that gave researchers an idea and hope for colorblind humans.

Extension Investigation

Use the resources below to answer the following questions:

  1. What do cone cells do in the human eye? How many different types of cone cells do humans have? How do the pigments in these cone cells differ from each other?
  2. What causes color blindness in some people? Why are some people more likely to have colorblindness than others?
  3. How does color vision differ between male and female squirrel monkeys? What is the physiological cause of this difference?
  4. How is colorblindness in squirrel monkeys similar to color blindness in humans? How does it differ?
  5. How did scientists deliver the modified virus to the squirrel monkeys? Why was this delivery method important to the success of the procedure? Does this problem exist in all cases of gene therapy?


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