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Nails and Hair

Introduces the structure and function of hair and nails.

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You Look Good In Stripes
Teacher Contributed

You Look Good In Stripes

Lines of Blaschko

That's Not A Tattoo! Those Are My Blaschko Lines

Did you ever think it would be cool to have stripes? Well, with the amount of tattoos around today and other forms of body modifications some people must! The thing is we have lines! Really, all of us! Of course, you can't see them on most people, but you can on some people when they develop skin disorders. Then you can see the patterns like in this picture.

And one of the coolest things is even though different diseases can cause them to become visible, the patterns are consistent. You can find out more here *http://io9.com/5963790/humans-have-stripes-you-just-cant-see-them

Blaschko Lines

Head Scratchers

Use the resources below to answer the following questions:

  1. Do the patterns of blaschko lines vary with the type of skin disease that cause them to be visible? Why or why not?
  2. What do researchers theorize is the origin of blaschko lines? Does this make sense to you given the available information? Why or why not? In science, is it enough that something makes sense?
  3. Why can chimerism lead to blaschko lines? Explain your answer as fully as possible.
  4. Does it surprise you that chimerism exists in humans? Why or why not?


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