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Einstein's Concept of Gravity

Updates Newton's Law of Gravity, showing: gravity is a result of the warping of space-time.

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Warped Reality

Darn it! You dropped that expensive vase again. Why does gravity just pull things towards the ground. It doesn’t actually do this. Gravity, though often considered to be a force generally pulling things to the ground, that is in fact an incorrect assumption. Gravity is infact, as envisioned by Einstein, is caused by the warping of reality.

Credit: pixabay
License: CC BY-NC 3.0

Trampoline of Space [Figure1]

Imagine the above trampoline. Now imagine putting a bowling ball on it. The force of the bowling ball would cause a concave curve on the surface of the trampoline. Now imagine putting a marble on the trampoline as well as the bowling ball, due to the curve, the marble would move towards the bowling ball.  This is the concept of gravity put forth by Albert Einstein.

Space time weaves a fabric similar to that of the trampoline with the stars and other bodies of large mass acting as bowling balls on the surface, and marbles could be planets. However, by centrifugal force the marbles aren’t careening into the sun. These forces interacting make up the visible realm of gravity rather than a simple force of attraction.

Creative Applications:

  1. If the above is held true, what can be assumed will occur when another large mass is added into a plane.
  2. What if there are more than one planet, are the paths warped or do they remain in their same gravitational orbits. 

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  1. [1]^ Credit: pixabay; License: CC BY-NC 3.0

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