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A solenoid wrapped around a ferromagnetic material. Current running through the wire produces a N and S pole.

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Keep That Away from the TV!

Keep Your Strong Magnets Away From the TV!

Credit: ario_
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/20645801@N00/315198353/in/photolist-tRtun-oFPkj-49drrh-85LqWr-746boe-76vKEN-9bAKPd-6eZp84-6SoGtn-5vA1vf-97Puo6-56gAyW-5bKtZE-55EtR7-pLDmB-4NzatN-bjMdM-4ro7gj-KaFLG-4FRskm-2Tr3S1-5jARkW-5hZUyr-6uohdR-4DR92D-dxjvYz-4pDWCY-9oqNog-fDEEB-9PTxJ-HNTwH-c3jWN3-56G7tf-56BWYn-56G7G5-9xVvk-e2F5Qr-4LJqaL-xXmYm-2wc6Ki-2wgrZ9-2wc8c6-3wTASN-Aeq63-8X3EgT-EoPg-56BuYn-56Bvfx-ok3YK-836ro5
License: CC BY-NC 3.0


In this picture, somebody is moving a magnet across a television screen which distorts the color on the screen.  What exactly is happening?

Basically, images or color of a TV screen is created by red, green, and blue electron guns at the back of the TV.  They shoot forward beams of electrons that you can see on the screen. The magnet is deflecting the electron beam that the electromagnets, next to the electron guns, are bending onto the screen.

Check out this video of magnets on a TV screen:

Creative Applications

  1. Based off of this idea, why do you think people tell you to keep magnets away from your electronics?
  2. What do you think will happen to the screen colors if you keep using a strong magnet around it?

  3. How important are electromagnets in electronics today? 



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