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Electronic Device

Devices that use electric current to encode, analyze, or transmit information.

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Opening the Playstation 3

Electronic Devices

Chances are, if you are reading this on a computer, you know what an electronic device is.

An electronic device is one that allows for the transmission of electronic information. That being said many electronic devices have similar parts.

Notice while disassembling the above Playstation, this man removes several key pieces including the hard drive. The playstation is basically a computer, and for all intents and purposes has the same function. The playstation therefore contains a ROM a RAM a motherboard a Hard drive and a couple of CPU’s. All of these functions come together to perform a series of calculations and therefore create the deep worlds you can engage in.

However you must notice that not all electronic devices are computers and many are far more simple. The most basic form of this subject would be the simple circuit. They are very common in devices like the playstation 3 and are what power most of the more advanced parts of the system.


1. What is the function of the RAM?

2. What happens with more RAM added to a computer?

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