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Ferromagnetic Material

Introduction to magnetism and materials that can be magnetized.

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What are the properties of ferromagnetic materials?

License: CC BY-NC 3.0


Ferromagnetism is the most visible form of magnetism and we see it every day in electromagnets, electric motors, and generators, among other items.  Iron is a common ferromagnetic material and its properties can be seen when it is mixed with oil to form ferrofluid.  Some artists have taken advantage of ferrofluid's unique properties and created paintings with it.  Check the first two links in resources to see Fabian Oefner's ferrofluid art.

Creative Applications

  1. Why doesn't the ferrofluid mix with water?
  2. Why is the ferrofluid attracted to the magnet?
  3. What is the shape of the magnetic field created by the magnet and how does it relate to the formation of the ferrofluid?






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  1. [1]^ License: CC BY-NC 3.0

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