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The push or pull acting on an object and it's representative SI unit of measurement.

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Have you ever seen the Star Wars Films? Then you've heard countless times, "May the Force be With You!"

Well, even though it isn't like the movies,force does exist in the real world.

In the above video you see people using “the Force” to manipulate objects with their mind alone. If you look closely at the video you can see that each of the objects is being manipulated by either being pushed or pulled.

Force is the push and pull acting on an object. Though “the force” from the above video and star wars isn’t real, forces such as gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces are some natural forces that exist in the real world. Besides this the forces that you apply and the forces of friction are also of common occurrence in the external world. With this being said, the force exerted upon each object in the video can be represented by a vector or an arrow.

The measurement of force is Newtons. Force is the cause of all motions. When the motion of an object changes force is involved. It causes the motion of an inanimate object, or limits the motion of one in movement. In the video you can see the boy using the force to bring objects into motion. 

Creative Applications:

  1. Based on the video above, what other forces do you see affecting your daily life?
  2. If the force was to exist as in the video above, what natural forces would you say could limit it?

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