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Forms of Energy

The ability to cause changes in matter. Defines six different forms.

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Forms of Energy

Energy is the force that causes change in matter. However there are different forms of energy that have different reactions to matter.

For the examples you may use this video: http://youtu.be/SqDsi2VecDE

Mechanical Energy is that of motion, the energy used in moving objects.

Chemical Energy: Energy contained in the bonds between atoms.

Electrical Energy: The energy of moving electrons.

Electromagnetic Energy: Energy waves that travel through space as electrical and magnetic waves.

Thermal Energy: The energy of moving atoms of matter.

Sound Energy: A form of mechanical energy that starts with a vibration in matter.

Nuclear Energy: Energy that is stored in the nuclei of atoms because of the strong forces that hold the nucleus together.

These energies are all around us on an every day life. The every day occurences of walking has Mechanical Energy. Similarly Chemical energy can be found in soda when things fizz. You see electrical energy when you see all of the electrical devices. When you see a ,agnet you see electromagnetic energy. When you see Thermal energy when you see a fire. You hear somebody shout that is sound energy. Nuclear energy is the force released in a Nuclear Bomb.


1. What energy is released when you plug something in?

2. What energy is released by an mp3 player?

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