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Gamma rays

Explores the most energetic electromagnetic waves and how they interact with matter.

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Gamma rays in my food?

What is Food Irradiation?

Credit: Powerplantop
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40726522@N02/5131467189/in/photolist-8Ps7qe-dpzHiU-8mLZos-5KVfL2-5tB8SB-dd1wwi-2GX1iT-4Pg5av-9tsspP-9QH3Rg-9QH47r-9QKUgJ-9QKV3s-9QKUV3-9QH3Zp-9QKU21-9QKUp7-9QH3tr-9fnP1F-4ah3jg-6e1JX-6xH1NF-4Hb3VS-QdLaN-4xLx9f-5HUoge-8xER5A-65shR5-43piKa-9a7S5t-87PaA7-enT8ST-enT8Hx-eosQMf-enT8Dp-9hNs-29Ly9x-8CAPRd-7DT9KN-zepr3-7kTVnS-86zHt7-5tK97K-6zQd6V-eosRHf-eosRBW-5N4qJc-58ZdD-5pAfme-5pExxY-5pAfoX
License: CC BY-NC 3.0


Did you know what Food Irradiation is? Food Irradiation is a food safety process that involves exposing food to strong waves, like gamma rays, to get rid of germs. Food Irradiation eliminates harmful bacteria or disease-causing microorganisms but doesn’t change the nutritional value of the food at all! It also does not make the food radioactive, which is a misconception people have. So don’t worry! Food Irradiation is completely safe and effective.

Creative Applications

  1. Do you think gamma rays are the only rays that pass through foods? Research what other waves could have been through your food!
  2. Food treated with irradiation are given special labels. What is the symbol on the label? Make yourself one!
  3. How might food irradiation impact the food industry negatively?



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