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A force of attraction between things that have mass and how it relates to weight.

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That's heavy

An iconic scene from the classic film Back to the Future, Doc Brown questions Marty's usage of the common phrase, "This is heavy!" In the Doc's question he wonders if Earth's gravity has been increasd in the future. The reason for this is that all weight is a measure of the affect of gravity.

When you look down at a scale and see your weight, you are infact seing the amount of gravity affecting you at the current time. But what is gravity. Gravity is the force that attracts matter together. With this being established, every particle with mass has a gravitational force that distorts space. However, due to the massive gravitational forces of the Sun and Earth, personal gravities are rarely felt.

So therefore Doc Brown asks Marty if Earth's gravitational pull is lesser in the future causing him to feel the strain of increased pressure now that he is in the past.

Creative Applications:

1. Which body in our solar system has the greatest gravitational force?

2. Which cosmic body in our solar system would you assume to have the lowest gravitational force?

3. In terms of the planets how does Earth's gravitational force compare to that of Jupiter?

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