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Discusses the properties of microwaves and what technologies use them.

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Will cellphones affect your brain?

Is it true cellphones will give me brain tumors? Should I worry?

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Microwaves are used everywhere, especially nowadays in speed cameras, radar, microwaves, and cell phones. You’ve probably heard about the dangers of cell phones and the waves they emit, that cause problems from cancer to infertility. But is it true?

Honestly, the answers are not clear. But current results show that actual health damage is actually rare. Issues that have occurred happened with the old style analogue phones that have much stronger signals compared to modern phones. If you’re still worried, try to talk using speaker phone or a hands-free kit. You can also turn your phone off when the signal is low because that’s when your phone is working very hard. Finally you can spend less time talking on the phone.

Creative Applications

  1. Has someone ever told you to stay away from a microwave? Why is that? How will microwaves affect your health? Do some research!
  2. Where in the cell phone are microwaves being made? Do some research! 
  3. Think of all the areas in life that we use microwaves. Imagine how our lives would be different without them!



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