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Newton's Law of Gravity

The force of gravity affects everything with mass in the universe.

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Attractive Earth

Though steadily declining due to industrialization, the beauty of our planet is breath taking. It's no wonder it is so attractive. Gravitationally that is. 

As Newton theorized, the forces that attract us to the surface of the planet are the same as those that hold our solar system together. The law of Universal Gravitation is that all bodies in the universe are affected by gravity if they have mass.  The strength of gravity is determined by the mass and the distance of an object and the attracting force. 

Imagine you are skydiving. When falling from that height humans may reach terminal velocity at 200 mph. This means that the force that the earths gravity exerts on humans cause an acceleration towards that speed.

The reason this man is falling at such a rapid rate is that it is affected by gravity.

Creative Applications:

1. When two objects with equal mass are dropped from two different heights ?

2. What forces limit the effect of gravitational force.

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