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Synthesis Reactions

Chemical reaction where two or more reactants combine to form a single product.

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Water We Doing?

How do synthesis reactions benefit us?

A great challenge for some impoverished countries today is access to clean water. Some regions have an abundance of water while others do not. We know that our world's water supply will eventually run out, but why can't we simply produce more water?

Credit: Audrey Covey
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/audreygrace/3156253769/in/photolist-5NUChr-5NYVRJ-5PeSpt-5THdrX-6dDq49-6xkNFE-6SKH8Z-6ZmUqu-77SwP9-7it4AM-9QBnMi-8aHbRs-7Q8cMK-7y3KKk-d3wZoG-axin5Y-cDgiSU-8BF1kj-dRL4nz-dRREDf-d3ksTC-d3ksN1-9xjYTm-eMcUm1-8Mi4Cu-9QEdZW-8fSo61-d3xCeA-8LjLoX-d3ksCE-d3ksXJ-d3ksGo-d3ksxA-8LjEbr-7Crck6-a3KPLn-7Ps6LE-eeMFzR-9LuPZr-d3wZFo-du4V2f-eEuYW9-7JRzq2-du4Yjb-d3wZLb-d3wZk3-cC3Y1C-cCy9H5-cCy73S-cCyaZj-cCycfm/lightbox/
License: CC BY-NC 3.0

The earth's drinking supply may one day be dry [Figure1]

 The creation of water, a synthesis reaction, seems simple: 2H+ O 2H2O. However, despite all the known chemistry basics behind this reaction, it is extremely dangerous. To create water and link hydrogen and oxygen atoms' orbitals, a spark is needed in the synthesis of hydrogen and oxygen. Additionally, an explosion results from the reaction. If you cannot imagine how much water would need to be created to quench the earth's thirst, the immeasurable flame necessary and the hazardous resulting explosion are even harder to picture.

Creative Applications

  1. Are there any other possible ways to produce clean, drinkable water? If so, what are some examples? (use the first resource link if necessary)
  2. Can you give some other real world examples of synthesis reactions?
  3. Describe the characteristics of the synthesis reaction of iron and sulfur. (use the first resource video if necessary)


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