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Double Convex Lenses

Convex lenses refract parallel light waves, causing them to intersect one another.

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Lens. Camera. Action!

How can you use lenses to magnify images on your phone?

Credit: Saire Elizabeth
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bowery/4385687715/sizes/m/in/photolist-7FxNar-89PKDd-89PKK3-e2FSzr-d7VspJ-7TR6o3-dvNWL8-7XfeAR-dm9bFc-dm9bmZ-dm9jz1-dSyEBq-8z8b2X-99H4rx-7PFAWe-f7wY1m-btkrLn-8fZ3ia-bC3TPJ-e3MRNf-aySfzN-dm9eQx-dTwvps-7NZLTR-ahi8tc-84HaTD-efLr9k-9fKEem-7TTxPo-9hubHy-9nnBwk-bCvLsz-dk6Stk-dk6SkD/
License: CC BY-NC 3.0


Using just a box, a magnifying glass, glue, a smart phone or camera, and some kind of mounting material like play dough, you can create your own projector.  Take your magnifying glass (hopefully a very small one) and remove any handles or casings until you have only the lens.  Measure the dimensions of the lens and cut out a hole from the box that is roughly the same size.  Glue the lens to the box where the hole is.  Then, use the mounting material to position the smart phone or camera in the box.  Make sure that the movie you are projecting is upside down in the box (for smart phones you may have to lock the orientation).  Adjust the box’s or the mounting material’s positions in order to achieve the level of focus that you want.

Creative Applications

  1. What kind of lens is a magnifying glass?
  2. Why do we need to make sure that the movie is upside down?
  3. Where is the ideal position of the box and mounting material in order to achieve the most focused image?  (Use terms like image, focus, focal point, etc).



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