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Inclined Plane

Learn about the normal force, center of gravity, parallel force and acceleration down an inclined plane

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A Problem at Lake Tahoe

What do you do when you want your skis from someone at the top of a hill?

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An inclined plane at a ski lodge [Figure1]

In an inclined plane, the work required to exert movement on a particular object is taken over by the force of gravity. This is done by tilting the surface at an angle such that the force of gravity is able to move the object. However, going up the slope becomes much harder because the force of gravity would work against you.

You are at a ski resort near Lake Tahoe. Your friend helped you carry your ski to the top of a hill because you had to take a water break. However, he forgot to bring the sticks for you. When you go back to the lodge, you saw that your sticks were stolen. In order to get new sticks back at the main desk, you needed to bring the rest of the set.

Creative Applications 

1. You are a high school AP Physics teacher but you have a lazy friend who wants you to climb the hill to get your ski set. Using your knowledge of physics, how would you respond to that?

2. Instead, what should your friend do to help bring the ski set to you?

3. Explain why this is the best decision in terms of work.

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