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Any magnet has two ends called poles where the magnetic effect is strongest.

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All magnets have two poles, or areas where the magnetic effect is strongest. 

What are the names of these poles? What type of behavior does each pole demonstrate?

Beware!: The Earth's North pole is actually a SOUTH pole and the Earth's South pole is actually a NORTH pole! Explain why this is.

Ferromagnetic materials are those that show strong magnetic effects. What are some ferromagnetic metals?

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Ferrous material is made up of many small magnetic domains, each one acting like a tiny magnet.

Explain how the domains in ferrous material behaves before the material is magnetized. What happens after it is magnetized?

Magnetic fields surround magnetic poles and magnetic field lines travel from North to South. What similar field do magnetic fields resemble?

Magnetic fields are represented with the letter B.

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