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Explore power as work over time

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Powerful Trucks on the Construction Field?

How can you tell if objects are using a lot of power or not?

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Two concrete trucks using a lot of power according to the physics definition of power. [Figure1]

You've probably heard the word power a million times. When we say that someone is powerful, we mean that they're strong. But what is power when we're talking about physics?

Power, in physics, is the rate at which the work is done. It is a measure of how much work is done in a certain amount of time. Thus, the equation for power is P = W/t. However, power can also be directly related to force and velocity, as shown below.

Derivation of the 2nd power equation:   P = W/t                      P = F(d/t)

                                                                     P = (Fd)/t                   P = FV

You see two large trucks working in the construction field as you drive by. They rush to and fro various spots within the construction field, carrying loads of concrete.

Creative Applications

1. Are the trucks using a lot of power?

2. How do the trucks satisfy the first definition of power (P = W/t)?

3. How do the trucks satisfy the second definition of power (P = FV)?

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